Shanghai Snswood International Trading Co., Ltd. is an international trading company specially exporting wood-based panel (MDF, Plywood, PB). Snswood has established good strategic cooperation relationship with several famous local manufacturers in this field.

To exceed customer expectations through exceptional service and sincere relationships.

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Medium Density Firbreboard Particle Board (PB)

As one of the biggest four leading panels, MDF is the first grade, mainly made of botanic fibers from fast-grown woods, small logs and processed wood leftover, through the processes of fiber......

Particle Board is a kind of man-made panel produced through drying and sifting flakes planed from small logs, branches, processed wood leftover (such as planed flakes.....

Melamine faced Board  

Melamine Faced board can be illustrated as follow; the melamine-impregnated paper has been pressed through heat plates onto the particle board or MDF, which are mainly in knock-down furniture industry, for examples; kitchenware, furniture parts or having been applied to the built-in work such as partition......

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